Meet our Team

At WonderLost, our foundation is built upon a deep sense of pride in the backbone of our operations, a committed and seasoned team that stands firmly behind each and every project we undertake. Whether it’s the intricate realm of software development or the critical domain of customer support, our team is a mosaic of diverse professionals, each contributing a wealth of specialized knowledge and expertise to the collective effort.

We recognize the paramount importance of open communication in fostering successful collaborations. Hence, we encourage you not to hesitate in reaching out to us. We genuinely value the insights, feedback, and perspectives of our esteemed customers and partners. Your voices serve as guiding lights, illuminating the path toward continuous improvement and innovation.

So, consider this an open invitation to connect with us. Let’s engage in meaningful conversations that not only enhance the projects at hand but also forge lasting relationships based on trust and mutual growth. Your input fuels our progress, and we are always eager to listen, learn, and collaborate.

Gustavo Romero


Tad Williams


Justin Miller


Maison Miller

Account Executive

Tad Williams


Charlene Navarro

Director of Human Resources

Leveling the playing field for tech’s future


Work in a place where opinions are heard, identities are seen, curiosity moves, and growth is as abundant as guidance.

We foster a culture of continuous innovation, driving progress through cutting-edge AI solutions.

We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency and fairness in all endeavors.

We embrace collaboration, working together to co-create meaningful solutions.

We leverage AI for positive social impact, addressing critical challenges and improving lives.

We empower clients and partners with accessible AI technologies that enable success.